2020 L.L. Bean Fall Wishlist

2020 L.L. Bean Fall Wishlist

In autumn 2004, I moved to Portland, Maine to attend the Maine College of Art. The school was located just down the street from the L.L. Bean Factory Store on Congress Street, so I’d walk past it every day, and sometimes cut through the store on my way home. The Portland factory store was responsible for my first down puffer coat, my favorite travel mug, and a pair of snow boots that I still take hiking every winter.

It’s rare that I buy new clothes anymore, but every fall I look through the sweaters, fleeces and flannels at L.L. Bean and make a wishlist. I love L.L. Bean because I’ve never had a piece of clothing or gear from L.L. Bean let me down, and every time I purchase a piece, I know I’m going to be using it for 10+ years! Luckily, L.L. Bean’s staples tend to be timeless, especially if you shop classic colors like white, beige, or navy. Brighter and trendier colors are available as well, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself more drawn to the basics. As a bonus, L.L. Bean tends to have several sizing options available for their pieces, which is great if any of your proportions are greater than average–I know that if I order a ‘tall’ size my sweater will be long enough in both the arms and torso and I won’t have to awkwardly pretend it’s a crop fit.

I actually already have one item on this list: the Sweater Fleece Full-Zip Jacket. It’s one of my favorite things to wear in autumn and spring because of its soft fleece interior and stretch fabric. It’s more comfortable than wearing a structured jacket for most activities, and its warmth and durability means I don’t have to put on quite as many layers while out hiking. While I usually go for full-zip jackets, I really like the look of the Quilted Quarter-Zip jacket and might add it to my closet this year; it has a slightly more intentional ‘look’ to it than the sweater fleece full-zip and would be nice for running errands and casual get-togethers.

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By the way: I’m not affiliated, endorsed by, or in any way associated with L.L. Bean, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. I just love their clothes!